Mullins store owner says victims fled to his store after Dollar General shooting

MULLINS, SC – Mullins Police continue to investigate an overnight shooting Wednesday night

Police say, someone robbed the Dollar General on North Main Street and shot the store manager.

Hours after the shooting, Thursday the store was back open.  Yellow tape is still left on a nearby tree.

“At 9:00 it was two gunshots.  I stood to see what was going on and I didn’t see nothing major going on,” said Carlos Mihtar.

Mihtar owns Lucky Wings and Grill, a short distance from where the shooting happened.

He says he was outside when the shooting took place and was stunned with what followed.

“You know the guy had pulled and the other lady that worked there.  He got shot two times in the stomach,” Mihtar said.

The way they were pulling (up) fast if i didn’t know them I would’ve thought they were coming for me too.  But when I saw the guy from dollar general you know I held back to see if he was running away from something.  Come to find out he was the guy that got shot,” he added.

He says he called for help after the victim who shot was bleeding badly.

“I called the medical for him because he was bleeding bad…and there were also 3 more shots to the car.”

Mihtar opened up his store just a few months ago.

“Around 8:30pm-9:00 pm they should have more force you know riding back and forth.  I’m just scared for anyone else to get hurt…you know I’m not scared.  The fact is it happens when you don’t expect it,” he stated.

Mullins Police continue to search for the suspect and they encourage you to call if you have any info regarding the shooting.

News13 reached out to Dollar General’s corporate office regarding safety concerns.

They say the company does not disclose their security measures but say their employees safety is a main concern.


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