Ghost hunters return to Litchfield Plantation searching for new evidence

LITCHFIELD, SC-     Ghost hunters spent Friday and Saturday night at Litchfield Plantation searching for new evidence of paranormal activity.

“I’m trying to determine what’s really going on here,” said Litchfield Plantation Owner John Miller.

Miller purchased the property in April 2011. He’s heard several stories about the house being haunted. Miller said he’s felt a presence and heard a strange voice, but he’s not convinced the ghosts are real.

“I’m just trying to confirm it,” he said.

That’s where Paranormal Lost Souls comes in. The group has visited Litchfield Plantation seven times.

“Every time we come, we always get something,” said Lead Investigator Steven Hicks.

Litchfield Plantation is over 250 years old and a prime spot for spirits, according to Hicks. There’s been reports of a so-called Dr. Tucker wandering the house, but Hicks’ findings show a young female presence.

“We’ve heard her say something to us, we’re not sure what she’s trying to tell us,” explained Hicks.

Hicks and his team use tools that measure electromagnetic fields. They placed a doll and a confederate soldier’s uniform in the hallway to act as trigger objects.

“Anything to try to familiar the spirit with something,” said Hicks.

He said it’s important to have respect when trying communicate with spirits.

“We introduce ourselves, we ask permission to be here, when we leave we say goodbye.”

Hicks has recorded several strange noises in the house. He claims to have heard laughing, voices and knocking.

Despite the evidence, Miller remains a skeptic.

“I could just have been asleep dreaming this stuff up, but it’s fun,” said Miller.

Litchfield Plantation is a popular wedding venue on the Grand Strand. For more information visit,


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