Alleged hazing at football camp could impact high school athletics in SC

An alleged hazing incident at a high school football camp in Orangeburg County involves well known prospect Shakur Chisolm.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC – An alleged hazing incident at a high school football camp in Orangeburg County involves well known prospect Shakur Chisolm.

The fallout could eventually have a big impact on athletics across the state.

Senior Shakur Chisolm is a heavily recruited prospect. Top tier universities including Clemson have approached the 16-year old.

But his senior year could be lost because he no longer attends Allendale Fairfax. Chsiolm’s attorney says he is leaving the school following a brutal hazing incident the coaches knew about.

One of the lawyers is Justin Bamberg. He is the same person representing Walter Scott’s family in North Charleston.

It was to be Chisolm’s first year playing at Allendale Fairfax.

It’s alleged by attorney Fatima Zeidan that on the week beginning August 3rd Chisolm and another player were beaten two separate times.

“Some students including my clients were hazed and beaten brutally by 15 to 20 boys at a time.” she said at a press conference in Allendale on Wednesday. “These students were thrown up against the wall, hit with belts beaten with fists.”

It is alleged to have happened at a school sponsored football camp in Orangeburg County.

At one point Chisolm ran to coach Eddie Ford’s room for help but he was dismissed and told to go back to bed.

Then he called his father to pick him up, the running back was then taken to the hospital.

Now a top recruit may not be able to play his senior year because he is leaving Allendale Fairfax. Transfer students have to wait a year to play.

His attorney Justin Bamberg is hoping rule makers will see it differently.

“It would be a travesty if the rules that are in place governing the transfer of students would prohibit him from playing his senior year because his exit wasn’t voluntary but by fists.”

Bamberg didn’t hold back, he called for an independent investigation and called for coach Eddie Ford’s resignation while his client’s blossoming career and future is at stake.

“There will be a lawsuit there is no question about that.” Bamberg said.

“With regard to his being a prospect I am very hopeful and prayerful that no college who is interested before would not be interested now because he did the right thing.”

Bamberg also touched on the legal plays that could be made down the road.

“As the civil litigation goes we will be looking at all aspects in damages, including any loss of future earning potential etcetera.

Allendale’s superintendent recently said the incident is being investigated.

Allendale’s Principal or coach Eddie Ford could not be reached for comment.

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