Changes coming to vacation rentals in Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-Myrtle Beach is a busy place for parts of the year, but it can be slow during others. Many rental properties and businesses thrive during the tourist season but some struggle once the weather turns cold.

Some big changes are underway to the Market Common and they’re going to happen soon.

Many people find market common to be a desirable place and it’s not just visitors and tourists, but locals as well. So much so, that the demand for yearly apartments instead of just weekly rentals has grown exponentially.

The general manager at Market Common said something had to be done. Currently there are 125 units you can live in year-round. But now, 70 apartments will no longer be available for vacation rentals, they’re turning them into annual rentals.That makes close to 200 apartments in the area year-only rentals, it’s something management says its  wanted to do since last year when they had to turn people away because they didn’t have enough space.

While Market Common property management is happy about these change, surrounding businesses are not. Many declined to talk to News13 on camera but Donna Hallaran, assistant manager at Ivy and Leo says there’s no way these changes will be good for business.

“It might hurt our business only because when you have new people coming in on a weekly basis, new people come in, they go to the different shops. If you’re going to have the same people year round, I don’t think they’re going to come in shopping every day. Not only at a restaurant, any of the clothes shops or the bookstores, I think it’s going to hurt business.”

Not everyone was against the change. One restaurant owner said they think it could be good since Market Common targets a lot of younger people who come out to socialize. The weekly vacation rentals will become annual rentals starting on September 8th.

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