Yellow COAST RTA buses in Myrtle Beach must be repainted

File photo via AP

CONWAY, S.C. (AP & WBTW) – It seems yellow is just the wrong color for the buses that the regional transit authority in the Myrtle Beach area recently bought.

Coast RTA announced in June it bought five buses from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency. But now the local transportation agency has to repaint buses because they’re yellow.

That may be fine in Texas but in South Carolina there’s a law that any bus that carries more than 14 people may not be painted yellow unless it’s a school bus.

“We had a plan you know we had it in the budget to repaint them if we needed to but in an effort to get them on the road as quickly as possible we just added some striping, removed the DART logos put our phone number on it, things like that,” Coast RTA CEO Brian Piascik said.

Coast RTA leaders have allotted $5,000 per bus to be repainted and is now in the process of procuring a bid but that’s just one of many changes on the way.

Coast RTA also held a meeting this week as it discussed fall changes to its Route 7. The goal of the changes are to help ease traffic congestion concerns along Highway 501.

Leaders with the company are also in the process of working on plan for more training with its Customer Service teams and ways to better handle complaints.

The company also wants to hear from you.

“We’re going to be doing an onboard survey coming up later on this month and into September and give people an opportunity to tells us things that we need to do,” Piascik said.

The new route changes will go into effect September 7. Coast RTA has only purchased 5 buses from DART but will purchase 5 more this Fall and all of the buses will be repainted.

The goal is to eventually repaint all the buses so they have the same look.

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