Darlington Police donate school supplies to family in need

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – As students around the Pee Dee start heading back to school, many parents are pulling out their wallets to buy those back to school supplies.

For one Darlington family struggling to make those purchases, a prayer has been answered.

It all started with a Facebook message.

April Cook says she was struggling to buy school supplies for her three girls when she reached out to Chief Danny Watson with Darlington Police.

“I truly didn’t expect to, you know, say anything back because I had done contacted a couple of other places and I said well, it’s probably a waste of time but I’m going to do it because I needed the help,”  said Cook.

Help she says she’s needed for several months.

“I lost my job, I lost my home, I sold my car,” said Cook.

But Chief Watson did answer Cook’s message, and provided her three girls with school supplies.

“And whenever he messaged me back, I was in shock and I couldn’t believe it and the first thing I did was told my kids. I said ya’ll we got help. Someone’s going to help us,” said Cook.

Sargent Kimberly Nelson at the Darlington Police Department says while it’s their job as officers to protect and serve the citizens of Darlington, they’re making it their goal to make sure all students have the same opportunities in the classroom.

“Our department, we don’t only write tickets, we’re not about that. We do do that because it’s part of our job but our ultimate goal is to make a difference in society, and when we can help a family, that’s what we do,” said Nelson.

Cook says that help has made her girls excited to kick off the school year.

Nelson says this is a new program that the department is considering continuing in the future now they realize there is a need in Darlington.

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