NC petition asks for State to launch investigation into Robeson County Board of Education

LUMBERTON, NC – As Robeson County students gear up for another school year, some of their parents and others in the community have started an online petition against the school board.

They want the State Board of Education to investigate the board…

The petition, which is on, has over 500 signatures.

It petition was started last week with a mission statement asking the state to investigate misconduct in the Robeson County school board.

The man behind it all is Alan McDaniel.

“Now is the best time with everything going on the way it has been going on.  I couldn’t think of better time for it to start,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel is a truck driver and was unavailable for an in person interview on Tuesday, but News13 talked to him over the phone about the petition.

In it states that the school board hired new Superintendent Tommy Lowry earlier this month even though he didn’t apply for the job.

This comes after Wingate University Professor Dr. Rick Watkins, who was originally hired, withdrew his candidacy.

“There is people in positions that shouldn’t be in positions, conflict of interest and they are all about their interest and not the children,” McDaniel explained.

The petition also goes on to say the moved principals in the district without grounds and makes claims of unequal treatment of students.

“The outpour of teachers and citizens and the county…it was overpowering,” added McDaniel.

News13 did reach out to a few board members, including Chairman Mike Smith, however he said he had no comment.

McDaniel says the next step is to contact the state to launch an investigation.

We also contacted the state, but we haven’t heard back.

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