Why some teens may develop health problems later in life

CBS News – Teens who do not receive health care are more likely to suffer health problems as adults. Thats according to a study published in the journal pediatrics. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital collected data from more than 14,000 teens. They discovered cost was not the main reason teens did not visit a doctor 37 percent didn’t think it was important to go. SOURCE – Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS
A new study finds a mandate for girls to wear protective eyewear during National Federation of State High School Associations sanctioned field hockey games is working Researchers from Providence, Rhode Island analyzed eye injuries over two seasons before and after the implementation of the new rule in 2011. They found protective eyewear reduced the risk of serious eye injury more than 3-fold. SOURCE – Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS

New technology may help immediately detect traumatic brain injuries. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania developed a polymer patch that changes color depending on the amount of force absorbed. The technology could one day be used in protective headgear to help medical professionals easily identify head trauma victims. SOURCE – American Chemical Society/MedDay/CBS

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