City of Charleston makes it illegal to hand stuff to or from cars

CHARLESTON (WBTW) — A new ordinance in Charleston will make it illegal for anyone to hand something out of a car to someone else or for someone in a car to be handed something from someone outside the car.

According to a press release from the office of Mayor Joseph Riley, the new ordinance “is intended to promote the free flow of vehicle traffic as well as promote the safety of pedestrians near roadways.”

Police can now cite anyone either in a car or on the road that transfers or receives anything from someone else if it involves a car that is in the flow of traffic.

City officials wrote in the release there are some exceptions: “This ordinance is not applicable if the motor vehicle is located on private property in a permitted parking area, if the vehicle in the roadway is assisting a disabled / accident motorist or where a motorist is experiencing a medical emergency.”

There will be a 30-day education period beginning Wednesday and ending on September 30th, where police officers will warn people who may be breaking the law.

On September 30th, violators–both people inside vehicles and those outside vehicles–may face a $1,092 fine or 30 days in jail.

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