Classroom Countdown: Horry County Dress Code

Horry County School District provides guide for schools that outlines dress code policy.

The first day of school for Horry County students for the 2015-2016 school year is August 20, 2015. Each year, the district provides a manual of policies and guidelines for schools, students, and parents.

The dress code policy is described on page 9 of the Horry County Student Policy Guide. However, administrators at each school can modify the school’s dress.

For example, some schools require the length of a skirt or shorts to reach past where the fingertips fall on the legs, also known as the “fingertip rule.”

However, Robin Jones, Principal of the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology in Horry County, uses a $1 bill to measure the distance of a skirt or shorts from the knee. Jones says the dress code is to eliminate distractions.

“As they prepare to come to school, they need to be thinking about the school work, and if they have to adjust and pull and tug all day long, it’s distracting them from learning,” Jones said.

Jones says other common violations include women showing cleavage or middriff, men wearing tank tops or baring the chest, teenagers wearing see-through clothes or clothes with holes. Jones says the top offenders are women wearing leggings or spandex without appropriate cover.

For a link to the full dress code policy from Horry County Schools, click here.

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