Mama dog abused: Nose chopped off face, spine & knees broken with bat

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They are loyal, loving and they seem to read people in an uncanny, exceptional way. Put bluntly, they just get it. They feel it. They read people well, often picking up right away on someone’s demeanor or energy.

“Khaleesi” is no different. The tiny, ebony-colored pit bull mix is highly social. Her big, beautiful, dark eyes are wide with both curiosity and kindness. She doesn’t just look at you, she looks through you. She wags her tail incessantly, in a non-stop state of bliss. Spend five minutes with her and you’ll see she is anxious to cuddle. She thrives on a gentle human hand scratching her back softly.

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It is clear, this young pup doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Her mission is bold and yet, basic. It is the need most living beings intensely crave — love. Khaleesi wants to be cared for and comforted. She wants to feel secure and safe. And, most importantly, she asks for nothing in return. This compassionate creature is intensely selfless. She is aching to share her unconditional love.

But, keep this in mind. The innocent dog with the wide eyes and open heart has been to hell and back in the short year of her life. She has endured unthinkable abuse, filled with cruelty so shocking that when people hear Khaleesi’s story, they burst into tears. Her new human acquaintances, and the list grows longer by the day, are both stunned and saddened.

Who would do this? And why? This little dog would never do anything remotely deserving of even a brief swat on the backside, But, torture? Regular beatings? Chopping off the nose from a helpless, trusting, faithful companion? Evil certainly ran amuck in this angel’s hurtful existence. Again, the question is posed — Why would someone do this?

Your heart begins to ache instantly. What in the world did this sweet girl go through? How horrific was her excruciating physical pain and her brokenhearted agony? She, most certainly, was confused and terrified at the same time by her sadistic abuser’s actions. Why? Why are you doing this – a concept, a desperate question she must have conveyed within one soulful glance. She would never get her answer.

Khaleesi suffered the worst kind of physical abuse, the most painful, the cruelest. Doctors call this one of the worst abuse cases they’ve ever seen. The body of this tiny dog is battered and broken. “She wasn’t born this way. Someone did this to her. That’s what is so haunting. Someone did this to her,” said Khaleesi’s new mom, Stephanie Paquin, who saved the dog’s life.

The passionate animal-activist from St. Pete found her new spirited canine companion in Orlando at Orange County Animal Services when she and her husband were in the city for the weekend. She stopped by the shelter. She had no idea that one innocuous decision would change her life and impact countless others around the globe. “They asked for my help because I run a rescue group. They told me they had a dire case, and since they never say that, I knew it was serious,” Stephanie told News Channel 8. “When I walked in, she rushed into the bars of her kennel, she wanted so much to have love and attention. Then, when I saw her, I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe someone could do this. I knew I wanted to take her home and give her love.”

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