New teacher shares first day of school jitters

CAROLINA FOREST-     Young people in Horry and Georgetown counties will likely go to bed early Wednesday in anticipation for the first day of school.

Kristina Lewis is too nervous to sleep. She teaches third grade at Carolina Forest Elementary. Lewis said she spent the summer preparing because it’s her first year.

“I have been here at least three days a week, setting things up,” said Lewis.

She wants everything to be perfect, which means decorating her classroom with Batman.

“I am so OCD about having things in a certain way and color coded.”

While her classroom appeared to be in order Wednesday, Lewis said she’s still anxious.

“I actually have my Assistant Principal’s daughter in my class,” she laughed.

Thankfully she has the support of several veteran teachers like Maryanne Martin, who has been teaching 31 years.

“With time, you tend to be a little calmer,” stated Martin.

She advised Lewis to be flexible.

“You can plan, but the unexpected…it gets interesting,” she said.

Martin remembered being nervous for her first class, but said school is different now.

“It was very structured back then,” explained Martin. “Today it’s just so much fun.”

According to Martin, the key to being a great teacher is loving children and she said Lewis will be fine.

“They’re mine, I have 20 of my own students,” said Lewis.

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