Why smoking and drinking could be a deadly combination

CBS News – A new study suggests smoking and even light drinking can increase the risk of cancer. Massachusetts researchers tracked more than 100,000 people for 30 years. They found female smokers who had up to one drink a day and male smokers who had 2 drinks were at increased risk of developing alcohol related cancers, including breast cancer for women. SOURCE – British Medical Journal/MedDay/CBS

New research suggests shorter women can have shorter pregnancies. Researchers in Ohio found a mothers height may affect the environment in the womb and influence the length of a pregnancy. SOURCE – March of Dimes Foundation/MedDay/CBS

Teens who use electronic-cigarettes may not stop there. A study that looked at students in ten Los Angeles high schools found teens who used e-cigarettes were significantly more likely to begin smoking than those who never used electronic cigarettes. SOURCE – JAMA/MedDay/CBS

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