State leaders meet in Florence to discuss Medicaid Expansion

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence and Darlington community members met Wednesday night for what was supposed to be a conference held by the Rev. Jessie Jackson.

Due to a family illness, Jackson wasn’t able to attend the meeting. However, state leaders took it upon themselves to lead the conversation they say the African American community needed hear.

The meeting was held at the Monumental Missionary Baptist Church in Florence.

State Representative Terry Alexander took the stand to talk about four major issues: health care, voting rights, incarceration rates, and economic development.

He says those are all issues impacting the African American community, and that’s why he’s taking a stand.

“You know, this whole Medicaid expansion is crucial for so many people and the incarceration rate, black folks are going to jail or staying in jail over long lengths of time. So, all those things are relevant to the people of Florence and particularly to some of the folks I represent in my area,” said Alexander.

Wednesday’s meeting was part of a series of meetings leading up to a state-wide gathering leaders are calling the South Carolina Manifesto.

Jim Felder is one of the leaders behind that meeting.

He says they’re hoping to get Governor Haley’s attention and make moves on the Medicaid Expansion.

“We’re trying to show her there’s a need out here and will she do something about releasing those funds from Washington to come to South Carolina,” said Felder.

Felder says if the Governor approves the 12 billion dollar Federal Medicaid Expansion, it will create forty-three thousand jobs in the health care industry alone.

The South Carolina Manifesto is scheduled to take place in Columbia this Friday at Brookland Baptist Conference Center.

Reverend Jessie Jackson is expected to be at that meeting.

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