426 counts against Florida man for ‘Sextortion’ of young girls

Daniel Dunfee

POLK COUNTY, FL  – A Lakeland man charged in May for child porn was before a judge Wednesday for 426 new counts against him. Daniel Dunfee, 21, is accused of what the Polk County Sheriff calls “sextortion.” Dunfee used at least nine young girls he met online, Judd said, to manipulate and scare so they would send him nude photos of themselves.

“He would say something like this, ‘If you don’t send me a sexually oriented picture or nude picture then I’m going to superimpose on this piece of pornography and I’m going to send it to all of your friends,” Judd said at a press conference Wednesday.

The threats got to the girls, but Judd explained Dunfee didn’t stop. Next he demanded videos or else. “Then he’d say, ‘I’ve got your address. I’m going to come harm you or your parents,’” Judd said of the threats.

Judd described the content of the videos disturbing and heartbreaking.

“We have video clips of these babies screaming and crying and begging him, ‘Don’t make me do this,’” Judd said.

Wednesday, Dunfee, who’s been in jail since May on the first 30 counts, got a bond of $4.26 million for the new charges against him. His jail sentence could be 7,155 years.

“If you had to see what my detectives had to see, you would agree that 7,155 is not enough,” Judd said.

The sheriff also used to the press conference to encourage parents to talk to their children about what they share online. He said you’d be surprised what a teen will do if they truly believe their reputation and safety are at risk.

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