Johnsonville family offers $25,000 reward to find missing son

JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) – A Johnsonville family still searches for closure after putting up a billboard of 23-year-old Julius Gamble who disappeared August 28, 2014.

“Julian definitely misses his dad because every time he see his picture he points at it, he says da-da” Harriet Kelly, mother of Julius Gamble said.

“Every day I wake up, seems like I’m always forgetting something,” said Gamble’s brother Jamal Kelly.

The billboard and $25,000 reward is a plea the family hopes will lead to their loved one.

“We’re just hoping by putting up the bulletin board and putting up a reward that people will come forward and talk, cause you know sometimes when you put up money people talk,” mentioned Gamble’s father Samuel Gamble.

Major Mike Nunn with Florence County Sherriff’s Office says there have been hundreds of dollars and man hours spent in an attempt to locate Gamble over the past year and so far there is one person of interest, in the disappearance of Julius Gamble, his cousin Larry Coles.

Coles currently serves an eight year prison sentence for a burglary and leading police on a 30 hour manhunt.

“He was the last person that was seen with Ju and he deserves to get the charges. Anybody else involved that’s up to him, if he wants to go down by himself that’s truly up to him but he needs the charges that he deserves,” explained Kelly.

The family continues to hope their efforts will soon pay off.

“We need to find some closure, ya know staying up all night every time the phone ring you get nervous wondering if your’e going to get bad news,” Gamble said.

“You can’t even describe the pain, knowing that they did these big searches but other people turn up. Their gamily got closure, but we still haven’t got any,” said Kelly.


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