People deal with flooded roads and yards in Forestbrook

Wake from driving through flood waters

Torrential rains caused flooding on roads and yards in Horry County keeping some people from getting to their homes.

Bunny Blackman lives off of Forestbrook road and the entrance to her neighborhood was so flooded she had to park her car and wait for help.

Luckily for Blackman an old co-worker unexpectedly came to her rescue.

“{it’s been} Twenty five, thirty years; we used to work together in an amusement park,” said Doc Arnold.

Arnold was visiting a friend in the neighborhood when he saw his old co-worker from decades ago.

He was able to get Blackman to her front door; driving right through the flooded streets in his Hummer.

A lot of people did not have large trucks to get through the flooded waters and were forced to improvise.

“We were really board all day so we just thought it would be a great idea,” said Ava Hinson.

Hinson and a few of her neighborhood friends decided to take their parents old canoe out on the water pooling at the edge of their property.

The group of youngsters paddled up and down the yard until the flooded waters drained.

They were not the only ones enjoying their new waterfront property.

“We’ve seen it like this before,” said Tim Zachary.

Zachary’s front yard looked more like a lake, but he and his two dogs made the best of it.

“Doesn’t cause much damage in the yard i guess it needed some water,” said Zachary.

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