Researchers find an increase in global life expectancy

CBS News – A new study in The Lancet finds that people around the world are living longer. Global life expectancy rose by more than six years since 1990. But people are also spending more years coping with illness and disability. SOURCE – The Lancet/MedDay/CBS

Senior citizens who develop dementia may not be aware of their memory loss as it’s happening. Researchers at Rush University tracked hundreds of patients eventually diagnosed with dementia. They saw a sharp decline in memory awareness two to three years before the actual onset of the disease. SOURCE – Neurology/MedDay/CBS

Health experts say it’s time to pay closer attention to the nutritional value of foods rather than counting calories. An editorial in the journal “Open Heart” points out that nuts or olive oil may have more calories than a sugary drink – but they’re associated with a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. SOURCE – Open Heart/MedDay/CBS

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