$350k invested into Socastee track that is still unusable

The Horry County School District spent more than $350,000 on refurbishing Socastee High School’s track; however no teams have been able to use it.

Executive Director of Facilities with Horry County Schools, Mark Wolfe, has been working to get the track fixed since March of 2014.

“We were under some pressure to get ready for football season as you can understand. So that’s when we stopped,” he said.

The lanes of the track used different measurement than most schools and the track surface was not smooth.

So, construction crews planned to resurface the track and restripe it.

But then, contractors discovered the soil was not stable.

“In hindsight always you can see things that you couldn’t see before,” said Wolfe.

The district was unaware of the unstable soil before because parents paid for the original track back in the 80s and did not leave any records.

The school had to put a hold on construction.

“The contractor was getting ready to fix all of those and we’re like if we’re going to fix that now is the time to really rethink that. Is it the right thing to do, or should we fix it the way it should be so that it matchers all the other schools,” said Wolfe.

He says nothing that has been done up until this point is being thrown out, and by the end of the project Socastee’s track will be the proper distance for measurements, and up to the standards of the other schools in the district.

“Had we originally planned this to be a full reconstruction project to make it from an english track to a metric track we probably would be spending the same money that we are now,” said Wolfe.

Nothing is decided yet.

If the school board approves investing $240,000 more into the track, Wolfe says construction should be finished in time for this upcoming season.

If they board does not approve the expense, Wolfe says the district will repave the track as originally planned and forget extending it to the proper lengths.


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