Marco Rubio discusses his plans to Myrtle Beach voters

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio made an appearance in Myrtle Beach on Friday morning.

The event was hosted by the Horry County Republican Party at Rioz Brazilian steakhouse and was standing room only.

Rubio began his speech talking about his parents and building an America that will allow him to continue to do for others what his parents did for him.

Rubio also talked about how he wants to make the country more competitive around the world and changing the tax rate to reflect that.

Conway High School students also attended the Meet and Greet and Rubio spoke about the millions of Americans who are defaulting on their student loans. During his speech Rubio said he wants to reform higher education and place more of an emphasis on vocational training.

The Florida Senator says this will allow more people the ability to obtain skills needed for a job.

“We also have to create alternatives to student loans like my student investment plan. We also have to give students more information so that they’re not taking out loans to pay for degrees that won’t lead to jobs,” Rubio said.

The presidential hopeful also spoke about job creation, social security, Medicare and problems with the VA system.

“We’re going to reform the VA and primarily we’re going to bring back accountability and allow them to be able to go to any hospital that will see them and not make them stand in long lines. There are a lot of good people working at the VA but there’s some people there that are not doing their jobs. They need to be fired and replaced with better people,” Rubio said.

South Carolina will host a Republican presidential primary debate in February and Rubio said he plans to spend a lot of time here before then getting his message across to the voters.

“This election is about the future and that’s what I’m going to be focused on. What we do to help this country fill its potential. This is a great country but it can be greater. We have some significant challenges but we can solve them. We’re not going to solve them doing what we’re doing now and we can’t elect someone into office that’s going to continue to expand on the current policy of the Obama administration.”

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