10 years later, Katrina survivor starts new life in the Pee Dee

MARION COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – Ten years ago Saturday, Brian Nolan’s home of five years became unrecognizable due to Hurricane Katrina’s devastating blow to the beloved city of New Orleans.

“The world felt very alien. It was a weird environment to move back to,” said survivor Brian Nolan.

Brian Nolan is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. He lived in New Orleans for five years as a freelance photographer. But as the storm approached the Gulf Coast he was forced to leave his home and his job

“That was very frustrating. You had the desire to get back and recover what you could, but due to the flood waters you couldn’t go back,” said Nolan.

Nolan always knew New Orleans was the place he was meant to be. The food, the people, the relaxed atmosphere, it was all too good to give up by choice. But the reality was his home was gone.

“Any kind of loss to your house or personal belongings is difficult. Once you got in the house the stench was overwhelming. The only thing you could think of was let’s haul all of this out and get rid of it,” he explained.

After spending six months searching through the remnants of what was left, he came upon something special that he knew would be cherished in years to come.

“When I got through the front door and started kicking around in the debris, the first thing I found was a wedding ring that I had inherited from a great aunt that I carried around me for 20 or 30 years and I finally got to put it to good use,” mentioned Nolan.

And he finally found his true passion.

“She’s introduced me to so many new things like raising chickens, keeping bees, donkeys, tractors, farming, it’s all new for this old city boy,” Nolan said.

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