Robert Edge Parkway to remain closed longer due to construction delays

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Repairs along the Robert Edge Parkway and J. Bryan Floyd Bridge will last a little longer than expected.

North Myrtle Beach leaders say the rain forced an extension of the work, which has closed lanes of travel to and from downtown North Myrtle Beach from S.C. Highway 31.

Now, city leaders say the westbound lanes of Robert Edge Parkway will remain closed until Tuesday (September 29) night and the eastbound lanes will remain closed until Friday, October 2.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation began the work earlier this month..

City of North Myrtle Beach Public Works Director Kevin Blayton tells News13 much of the work will focus on a bridge approach slab and a bad expansion joint that connects the Robert Edge Parkway and the J. Bryan Floyd Bridge.

“It allows water to flow down between the bridge and approach slab, which is the section of concrete that somewhat connects the road to the bridge itself,” he explained.

Blayton says the same issue caused parts of the bridge to washout shortly after Robert Edge Parkway opened. It caused a large hole on the side of the bridge. He says SCDOT crews made temporary repairs to the bridge about a year after it opened and are now looking to make a more permanent fix.

Blayton says SCDOT crews have been planning the latest repairs for about two to three years.

“We hope once the repair is done, it’s a permanent repair,” he said. “It will improve ride quality and it will improve safety on that main entrance into the city.”


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