The dangers of binge drinking for adolescents

CBS News – The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents and doctors to discuss the dangers of alcohol with children before they take their first sip. A new report suggests up to 60 percent of high school students admit to binge drinking. That’s three or more drinks in two-hours for girls, four to five for boys. Doctors say binge drinking increases a teenagers risk of death and serious injury from car crashes. SOURCE – Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS

Doctors in Canada and the Netherlands studying the science of hangovers found no amount of food or water consumed
during bouts of heavy drinking can provide *hangover relief. SOURCE – European College of Neuropsychopharmacology/MedDay/CBS

Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine say knee and hip replacements can be hard on the heart. The risk of heart attacks spiked for patients in the month following surgery. The risk of blood clots in veins and lungs stayed high for years. SOURCE – Arthritis & Rheumatology/MedDay/CBS

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