CDC: Not enough children getting cancer-preventing vaccine

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – A report from the CDC released in July stated the vaccine for human papillomavirus is underutilized. Researchers found only 60% of teenaged girls and 42% of teenaged boys have received the vaccine. Those figures are concerning because the HPV vaccine is proven to prevent HPV, which causes several cancers. Therefore, the vaccine could prevent many cancer cases.

Pediatrician Dr. Thomas Petrusick discussed the vaccine on News13 NOW. Petrusick, of Grand Strand Pediatrics, talked about his views on how important the vaccine can be for young people and why some parents still opt out despite recommendations to get the vaccine for their children. Watch his interview in the video above.

For more information on the CDC report, see the CBS News report posted here:

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