Sports bars hope high ticket prices will bring more business from USC fans

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The South Carolina Gamecocks host their season opener Thursday night against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The State News reports around 20,000 empty seats remain and many attribute that to high ticket prices. Because of that, managers at local sports bars hope that means more business on game day.

“Oh I think it’s wonderful and hopefully it’ll impact it largely. It is true people don’t have as much expendable funds anymore. So, they just come here,” Jennifer Sturkie of Lincoln Park Bar and Grill said.

In anticipation of more crowds during the season, the business hired additional staff and spent the last two weeks training them.

“Well if it’s like last year which was a great pleasant surprise, we picked up. We actually do better business during football season than we do even in the summer when tourists are here so we’re looking for that big pop,” Sturkie said.

That additional business is something the staff at King Street Grill in Myrtle Beach also looks forward to.

“I think we’ll probably get busy early. I think people will get here early. I think everyone’s ready for football season to start, so they’ll probably be getting here I think a little bit early reserving some tables and I think we’ll stay busy throughout the evening,” Lauren Sullivan said.

For those fans who physically can’t attend the game, Lincoln Park also offers a weekly tailgate and other specials to help bring the game experience to life.

“We have something for everybody here. You can expect kind of an energetic charged atmosphere, fun place to come and eat,” Sturkie added.

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