SC college students get more than bargained for with pet goat

COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – Jay Gutowski said everyone wanted to come over and see his new pet when two of his roommates used his truck to pick up a goat they bought for $80 on Craigslist, but they didn’t realize Dalebert the goat wouldn’t be cute and cuddly.

Gutowski and his two roommates thought getting a goat would relieve them of some yard work, but it ended up being a lot more work than they anticipated.

After tearing down a make shift fence on Saturday night, Dalebert jumped a six foot fence and ran.

This wasn’t the first time the goat escaped. On Thursday, Gutowski said he came home to his pet outside of the fence and watched him take off.

“I was like oh this thing is gone,” Gutowski said. “The next morning I came back from class I go to the back yard and the goat was there. I couldn’t believe it!”

He also couldn’t believe Dalebert could jump so high. He jumped their fence, which is about six feet tall, and he jumped over a woman who was trying to grab him during the chase.

About 25 of Gutowski’s friends were trying to catch the goat on Sunday, after losing him Saturday night. Three hours later, Dalebert was safe and sound.

Wednesday afternoon, however, Dalebert was picked up by animal control to put him into a more fitting home.

Gutowski said, “It’s kind of sad but it’s probably better off to be honest with you.”

The city of Columbia doesn’t allow livestock, including goats, and that’s why animal control stepped in.

Gutowski said they provided the best home they could for Dalebert, but he is happy to hear he will  be in a better suited place.

Caroline Glenn sent Seven On Your Side video of the goat chase.

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