Have You Heard – September 12, 2015

Have You Heard, some French teenagers, at the start of World War Two, found perhaps the greatest surviving display of prehistoric art. They found it 75 years ago today (9/12/1940).
The boys (and their dog “Robot”) found the Lascaux Cave Paintings in south-central France.
The art is amazing but it began to deteriorate after thousands of people filed through to see the display, known as “the prehistoric Sistine Chapel.” The added humidity, rising temperatures and carbon dioxide from the many visitors led to bacteria, mold and other organisms to grow in the caves. That threatened the priceless artwork.
Now, very few people are allowed inside the caves.

On the same day the cave paintings were found, actress Linda Gray was born in southern California. Her most-famous role was “Sue Ellen Ewing” in the TV show “Dallas.”

Then-Senator John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier 62 years ago today.
The marriage lasted a little more than ten years, ending with JFK’s death, at the age of 46.

Canadian actor Raymond Burr (“Perry Mason”, “Ironside”) was 76 when he died 22 years ago today.

Johnny Cash was 71 when he died 12 years ago today.

And today is “Drive Your Studebaker Day.”

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