Bernie Sanders speaks volume at Florence Civic Center

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders discussed major issues that are facing the nation during a town hall meeting Saturday evening at the Florence Civic Center.

The town hall meeting opened with emotional words from a Francis Marion University graduate.

She talked about her struggles as a single mother trying to provide for her child and her education.

“We need an individual to lead us to understand the American story and my friend Bernie Sanders gets it”, Sharmane Anderson said.

U.S.  Senator Bernie Sanders says he wants to focus on all the issues impacting people from income to inequality to healthcare.

“Whatever the struggle is, is when millions of people come together and stand up and say enough is enough,” mentioned Sanders.

But his views on student debt, is what caught the attention of those who attended the town hall meeting.

“I have introduced legislation and will make it happen as president that every public college and university in this country will be tuition free,” explained Sanders.

College students who attended the town hall meeting say its a point Sanders made that they can relate to.

“A lot of what he said was really hitting home with a lot of the younger people, especially those going to college with student loan issues,” graduate student Perrin Williams said.

“I’m 55 years old and I have $80,000 college debt and no one to help me because I couldn’t go to school until I was an adult, because I had to,” added North Carolina resident Anne Laurie.

Senator Sanders says it’s something he wants to help not only South Carolina but the entire country with.

Sanders is currently serving his second term in the U.S. senate after winning reelection in 2012.

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