Have You Heard – September 13, 2015

Have You Heard, today (9/13) is a day of many holidays.

Rosh Hashanah begins this evening and ends Tuesday evening.
Rosh Hashanah marks the start of Jewish Year 5775. It also marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days.

Today is also Grandparents Day.
Many feel grandparents should spoil their grandchildren. However, statistics show more and more American grandparents are raising their grandchildren.
The most recent U.S. Census figures show 7% of American families are maintained by grandparents who have one or more of their grandchildren living with them. In pure numbers, it’s an increase of 19 percent from 20 years ago.

Today is also International Chocolate Day, Defy Superstition Day, Fortune Cookie Day and Peanut Day!

Tyler Perry is 46 today.

The LPGA was founded 66 years ago today.

And to show you how Babe Ruth changed baseball, Ty Cobb won the 1909 American League home run title 106 years ago today. He hit 9 home runs that year and all were inside-the-park. Just 12 years later, Ruth hit 59! And none were inside-the-park.

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