Landscaping project under 17 Bypass Bridge to be complete by end of October

Myrtle Beach, SC – The construction taking place underneath the 17 bypass bridge, where it intersects with Socastee Boulevard and Farrow Parkway should be completed by the end of October. It’s a pedestrian crossing and landscaping project.

Myrtle Beach Spokesperson Mark Kruea tells News13 the pergolas are meant to tie into the pergola at Valor Memorial Garden in The Market Common. The project also includes installing irrigation and landscaping, in addition to the required sidewalks that people will use to get across the intersection from any direction. Kruea says as with everything else in Myrtle Beach, the city wants it to be attractive, so the project also includes nice landscaping.

In addition, the city will improve the median between Fred Nash and the overpass work, so that it matches the median on the rest of Farrow Parkway. That work should run concurrently with the under-the-bridge work.  Kruea says the full landscaping effort, which included bringing in dirt that would actually grow something, along with irrigation, concrete, lighting, the pergolas and plant materials, will approach $400,000.

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