Prosecutor says Baby Doe was ‘a true innocent’

BOSTON – Prosecutors say a little girl who was found dead inside a trash bag on a Boston Harbor beach this summer and became known as “Baby Doe” was just shy of 3 years old when she died. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley says her name was Bella Bond and she was “a true innocent.” He said Friday her “very name means beauty” and she was murdered.

Baby Doe’s mother, Rachelle Bond, is under arrest on a charge of accessory to murder after the fact. The mother’s boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, has been charged with murder. The mother is in custody. Her boyfriend is in a hospital for drug treatment. They can’t be reached for comment.

The Massachusetts House speaker says the mother and her boyfriend are blaming each other.

Bella came to be known as Baby Doe during an investigation that included a massive social media campaign to learn her identity.

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