Staying safe during a traffic stop


Officials with North Myrtle Beach Public Safety say are providing tips on the best way to stay safe.

News 13 reported earlier this week about a local man released on bond after pretending to be a law enforcement officer and pulling over a woman using a blue light and a siren.

Sergeant John Griffin with North Myrtle Beach Public Safety says if you’re ever unsure the person pulling you over is a real officer call 911.

He says feel free to ask the officer for proof they are in law enforcement during the stop.

“They’ll identify themselves; ask them to see their credentials or their badge. If you’re having some concern, it’s better to let that officer know,” said Sgt. Griffin.

When you have made a traffic violation and the blue lights do flash behind you it can be nerve-racking.

Sgt. Griffin says never stop in the middle of the road, instead he says the best thing to do for you and the officer is to stay safe.

He says the first thing to do is turn on your hazards and your interior car lights to let the officer know you are aware of their presence.

He says then find a safe place to pull your car over, preferably a well-lit parking lot.

Sgt. Griffin says traffic stops are scary for officers too, because anything can happen and officer will appreciate you being upfront with them during the stop.


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