FMU recording studio creates musical opportunity for its students

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Francis Marion University is well known for its nursing program, especially with the investment into its new health sciences complex currently undergoing construction.

However, some students are tapping into what the school has to offer musically.

From the outside it may be hard to tell what’s going on inside the small building on Warley Street in downtown Florence.

“What’s outside truly belies what’s inside.  There is no marquee that screams at you,” said Brandon Goff, Associate Professor of Music Technology at FMU.

Goff is originally from Memphis, TN and even he’ll admit that Florence isn’t necessarily booming with recording studios.

“[Tennessee] is a massive hub.  I think 80% of all song writing filters through publishers out of Nashville.  Students are absolutely no less talented, no less gifted musically, they are no less driven.  They are just less exposed to what the music industry is,” he said.

Several years ago, the search for a potential building began until the now former nephrology clinic, gifted to the university, became available.

“When I first came here the performing arts center in downtown just opened up so that’s was brand new facility then.  But we didn’t have a big recording studio hub of our own.  There really weren’t a lot of options.  It wasn’t perfect but the potential was there,” Goff explained.

With the help of grants and work of dedicated students, the building was transformed into a state of the art recording studio.

“Of course I hear this all the time that the music industry is falling to pieces and we’re seeing more and more music industry programs pop up in states you wouldn’t think there would be one,” stated Goff.

The recording studio is in its first semester.

Goff says the department is still adding on to it.

He says there are hundreds of jobs available in the music industry and this is just another opportunity for students in this area.

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