Go Ape: a treetop adventure while protecting the environment

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Standing high atop the platform, connected firmly in your harness there are times in life when all you need to do is face your fears and simply jump.

GoApeIt’s a leap of faith, a swing of hope, and a rope and net of comfort. The heart seems to naturally pick up the pace when confronted by this elevated task.
“My first thought was why am I up here,” Go Ape site manager Evan Dwyer said of the first time he tried the an activity like this. “I should get down right away.”

Now he helps run the tours, helping guests who may be leery of heights and starting their adventure.

GoApe4“If you can get up that first ladder your good,” Dwyer said.

Climbing, soaring and yes of course zipping around; losing yourself in nature is all part of the fun at Go Ape.

“Every day is an adventure, it’s nice being able to know that this is literally my office,” Dwyer said.

His cubicle in the middle of wetlands and branches, his desk mates boast wings, webs and tails.

GoApe3“In the morning we usually have to say hello as we open,” Dwyer said of the various animals and insects at the park.

Go Ape says a huge part of their responsibility is to protect the environment they share, maintaining it’s beauty for future generations of adventurers. Some that may find themselves a little timid as they commit fully to that small first step or maybe even giant leap.GoApe1
“I think that’s the reason for the job right there. This is an activity that’s a good icebreaker to get people out into the woods, out into nature and doing something completely different than what they thought they would do,” Dwyer said. “That’s a pretty big thrill to see the change in people.”

Go Ape is located in the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex.

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