SC road deaths up 15 percent with Horry County topping list

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The death of a 71-year-old North Myrtle Beach man Friday evening on Highway 22 marked the 58th road fatality in Horry County, according to preliminary reports from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Highway Patrol reports as of Monday, 678 people have died on South Carolina highways. That number is a 15.8 percent increase in fatalities during the same time period from 2014. The increase in deaths on Palmetto State roadways carries over into pedestrian, motorcycle and bicyclist deaths.

As of midnight Monday morning, 75 pedestrians have died as compared to 67 by this time in 2014. Motorcyclist deaths have seen a 47 percent increase over last year with 103 fatalities reported so far this year, as compared to 70 last year.

Highway Patrol also reports bicyclist deaths are higher in 2015 than this time last year. Thirteen bicyclists have died as compared to 11 in 2014.

Horry County continues to lead the state in road deaths. Preliminary reports from highway patrol indicate 58 fatalities have occurred in Horry County in 2015, which is a 48.7 percent increase in mortalities from 2014. Spartanburg County has the second highest fatality record with 51 deaths recorded so far this year.

Only Saluda County remains fatality free so far in 2015.

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