Conway Police Department warn drivers about dangerous road conditions

Flooding was an issue all throughout Conway and many people were forced to use any resources possible to get to dry land.

The Conway Fire Department, Police Department and The National Guard worked together within the community Monday.

Police officials say a lot of the time they are forced to rescue people who get themselves into trouble by driving on dangerous roads.

Barricades were in place in a lot of areas in Conway, but Lieutenant Selina Small, with the Conway Police Department, says people need to use their best judgment.

“You don’t know if part of the roadway has been washed out below it. You don’t know where the ditches start if the road curves. So when you see a barricade and water over the roadway, do not go through that. Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that it’s safe to go through there because you don’t know how quickly that can get deep,” said Lt. Small.

She says it is a danger to not only the drivers but law enforcement to make saves, and if people continue to drive through barricades recklessly action will be taken.

“At this point, you can be charged with a crime and we’re going to start having to enforce that because it’s that dangerous to remove the barricades and actually driving around them”

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