Damage assessment begins for Florence County, Federal funding pending

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. – There has been many questions regarding Governor Haley’s recent Presidential Disaster Declaration Request for South Carolina as to why Florence County is not included.

There have also been rumors stating that Florence County will not be eligible for any Federal funding because we were not included in the Governor’s request list. These rumors are incorrect. This initial request from the Governor was not intended to include all counties that have been affected by the flooding event in South Carolina, but was merely an attempt to expedite the beginning of the recovery process.

Eligibility for approval of a disaster declaration is dependent upon completion of a damage assessment by the county. Florence County Damage Assessment teams will begin initial assessments at 10:00am today.

Florence County has not yet completed a damage assessment because we have been involved in continuing rescue and response efforts for citizens trapped by rising flood waters and other response activities. Water rescues have been ongoing since Sunday in the areas of Black Creek, Lynches River, Oakdale, Old River Road, Brandonwoods and Johnsonville.

Once today’s damage assessment is complete, the county will forward its request for inclusion in the Governor’s Disaster Declaration list.

—Info provided by Press Release

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