Familes evacuate homes due to flooding in Conway

Waccamaw Drive off of Highway 501 in Conway was so flooded many people were forced to use boats to get out of their homes.

The water was a few feet deep in some areas of the street.

Many were using boats to save any valuables from their homes before high tide.

Winona Ray lives off of Waccamaw Drive.

She told News 13 they did not have insurance on their rental properties so what she could fit in her boat and the trunk of her car was essentially all her family now owned.

Jesse Avery does not own a property along Waccamaw Drive.

He says he was walking through the flooded street helping a friend.

But he says his concern was not about saving possessions from the flooding waters.

“Hopefully the looters stay away,” said Avery.

“Is that a real concern,” News 13 asked.

“In the past, people will come up and down with their boats and break into people’s houses,” said Avery.

For hours, residents were making trips on boats, ATVs, or on foot, back and forth from their flooded homes to dry land without any assistance from law enforcement or first responders.

Eventually fire and police officials arrived to offer assistance.

Many people were forced to stay with family or friends, however some people told News 13 they would wait out the flooding in their homes.


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