Rescue efforts continue in Lower Florence County as Lynches River rises

COWARD, SC (WBTW) – Rescuers spent another day saving people along the Lynches River in Lower Florence County.

On Tuesday, a command center opened in Coward to field calls of people in need of help due to the flooding along with directing first responders where to go.

According to the command center, well over 100 people have been pulled from their homes in Coward.

Both the New Hope and Chester Road areas have been hit with nearly four feet of water.

First responders say one problem occurring is that some people have refused to leave and then when first responders move on those residents call back when the water has risen another foot or so.

“It’s really emotional, especially with your family.  You just have to pack up the bare necessities and leave,” said Charlotte Gainey, as she pulled up on the Florence County Sheriff’s Office Humvee.

Gainey, her family and neighbors were rescued from their homes on Chester Rd.

“Oh yeah, I got my two dogs, my sister, my girlfriend and yeah we are getting everybody out of there.  The whole neighborhood has moved.  People moving their horses,” Cody Cobb said, as he stood beside his family.

There is a shelter open at Lake City High School and Lake City Presbyterian will be open on Wednesday October 7th at 9:00 am.

First responders recommend that if you are stuck in feet of water and rescuers do knock on your door that you pack up and leave.

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