Damage continues days after the storm in Horry County

The storm is long gone, but parts of Horry County remain under flooded waters, and county officials expect the waters to intensify and remain for weeks to come.

On main roads like Highway 17 and Highway 501 you cannot tell just how widespread the flooding is, but in the air flying over the Waccamaw River it’s obvious the storm and flooding has destroyed a lot of homes.

At a press conference in Conway, Governor Nikki Haley said it is only going to get worse.

“When we flew over I see it coming and you just see the water rising and it’s moving in that direction so we just want everybody to be prepared that there is another wave a water coming,” said Governor. Nikki Haley.

Horry county officials have been out all week knocking on doors and trying to get people to evacuate.

“If we ask you to leave certain areas, we ask you to leave for your own safety,” said Horry County Emergency Management Director, Randy Webster.

At one of 14 checkpoints throughout the county manned by Horry County Police and National Guardsman, one man was packing up his truck in the middle of the night.

He told News 13 he was not able to evacuate his flooded home during the day because he had work.

There will still be people who stay in their homes regardless of the warnings, and Horry County Officials say they will continue to patrol throughout the week.

“We are strong, but we’ll come out of this stronger than we were to start with,” said Governor Haley.

Webster says it is possible the flooding has already reached its peak, but the flooded waters will remain for weeks afterward.

He says people who have been affected by the storm need to start reaching out to FEMA now for support.

For information on how to do that click here.

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