Evacuated areas, road closures for Georgetown County

Georgetown Emergency Management team met Thursday morning to discuss rising river levels and evacuations (Image Source: Georgetown Emergency Management Team)

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The Georgetown Emergency Management team will hold a press conference Thursday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. to discuss rising river levels and evacuations.

According to the emergency management team’s Facebook page, there are no mandatory evacuations at the moment. Areas of concern are along the Black River, the Pee Dee River and Mingo Creek. Residents in these areas may want to be prepared in case mandatory evacuations become necessary, officials add.

Evacuations are encouraged for residents of the Dunbar and Oatland communities, according to Public Information Officer Jackie Broach.

Due to flooding conditions and road closures, residents in the Dunbar and Oatland communities no longer have access to the highway system. Georgetown County Emergency Management is making transportation available for residents of these communities to travel across the flooded roadway to Browns Ferry Elementary School.

While a mandatory evacuation order has not been issued, officials do strongly encourage residents of the Oatland and Dunbar community to take this opportunity to evacuate. Emergency management teams will have vehicles routing through these communities to pick up residents and transport them. If you do not see one of these vehicles, please call the Disaster Call Center at (843) 545-3273. They will arrange to have you picked up at your address.

If you wish to make your own arrangements for sheltering, please have someone meet you at Browns Ferry Elementary School to transport you from there. If you wish to be taken to an emergency shelter, emergency management officials will provide transportation. Pets can be transported from these communities but will not be allowed in emergency shelters.

Georgetown residents are permitted to bring their pets with them if they are rescued by emergency responders. However, pets are not allowed in emergency shelters, so arrangement for any pets must be made before residents can enter the shelter.

Damage assessment teams from FEMA will arrive in Georgetown County Thursday to begin door-to-door visits to assess flood damage for residents and businesses who have applied for federal assistance and are registered in the FEMA system. Anyone who wants to have FEMA inspect damages to their property must apply for assistance at http://www.disasterassistance.gov.

FEMA employees will have identification and will never charge any type of fee for inspections. Again, inspectors will only visit those registered in the FEMA system.

Georgetown County Emergency Management adds that there is no bridge collapse on Dunbar Road, as many residents have reported. If you need information on roads in Georgetown County, call 1-866-246-0133.

Road closures in Georgetown County Thursday afternoon according to county government officials:

Sinkholes on Rd.
– Powell Rd. & Gause Intersection

Closed for Inspection
– Sampit Bridge on Hwy 17A (St. Delights)

Collapsed Road
– Carberry Rd

Undermined Road
– South Island Rd @ George Washington 1 lane
– South Island Rd @ just past Belle Isle Rd 1 lane

– Etheridge Rd

– Altman Ave off of Rose Hill
– Amos Rd
– Goldfinch from Powell Rd to 17A
– Hill Drive off of Old Pee Dee Road
– Old Pee Dee from Hicks Dr to Carvers Bay Rd
– Plover off of Penny Royal
– ReOwne off of Penny Royal

Closures due to flooding:
– 41 @ Horsepen
– 51 from Hwy 41 to Johnson Rd
– 51/Lanes Creek to Mingo
– Belton Loop off of Dunbar Rd
– Big Dam Swamp Rd
– Billyfield off of Dawhoo Lake Rd (Lambertown)
– Bolick St
– Boyd Rd, North Litchfield (Tidal Flooding)
– Boyle Ave from US17 to Lakeshore Dr
– Brick Chimney Rd – 51
– Bullard Rd @ 4500 Block
– Carter off of Choppee
– Cherry St @ North St
– David Ray Rd from N. Fraser to Pringle Ferry
– Dawhoo Bluff from Dawhoo Lake to Sandhole
– Dunbar Bridge
– Dunbar Rd from Hwy 51 to Rose Hill
– Dusenberry St
– Exodus Rd from 701 to 701
– False Box @ Hannah Loop
– Flint @ Benny off of St. Delights
– Folly Grove @ School House
– Gapway – Indian Hut to Kent
– Gapway Rd from Kent to Indian Hut Rd
– Handy Hill in Dunbar
– Horsepen Creek @ Hwy 41, Andrews
– Indian Hut – Gapway (dirt portion)
– Island Rd off of St. Delights
– Julian Court in Dunbar
– Kent Rd from St Delights to US 521
– Kings River Rd @ Hagley (Drainage Project)(DOT on scene)
– LaGrange St
– Myrtle Ave (Tidal Flooding)
– North Magnolia @ 300 Block, Andrews
– Old Pee Dee @ Hicks Dr
– Old Pee Dee from Williams Hill to Jerusalem Rd
– Overcup @ Vassey off of Hwy 41
– Penny Royal from US17 to US 17 Alt
– Pine Tree Landing
– Pineland off of Hwy 41
– Popular @ Pine, Andrews
– Rose Hill @ Anitwine
– Rose Hill Road from SC813 to Choppee Rd
– RoseBank
– Saint Delight from Powell Rd to US521
– Snowbell – Litchfield
– Stamper (Andrews off 41)
– Tallowtree from Kent to Indian Hut
– Thurgood Marshall to Big Dam
– Van Vlake
– Vassey off of Hwy 41
– Wildhorse off of 17A – Lambertown
– Willie off of Walker – Lambertown

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