Florence County road repairs begin after flood

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Crews spent all day in Florence County working to repair some of the roads that were damaged, flooded, and in some cases, completely washed away on Thursday.

For many residents in Florence County, the construction meant the end to what they call a nightmare.

Malcolm Lloyd lives on Diamond Head Loop Road in Florence, one of the many roads washed away in this weekend’s flood.

“I’ve basically been like a prisoner. I’ve been stuck here the last couple of days,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd says he’s had to miss work the last five days because he was trapped.

“I was on my way down the road, and I saw the water rushing down there. First, I started to go down there, and then, I thought oh if I try to go down there then I’ll probably drive my truck right off the road then of course my grandparents will get on my butt for that cause I already crashed the truck once already. So, then I tried to go the other way, and I saw the hole there and I thought man there ain’t no way I can get out. So, I had to call my bosses,” said Lloyd.

That’s been the case for several people this week, and that’s why Reggie Baxley with Florence County Public Works says his crews are working hard to quickly make repairs.

“You know you have to haul the dirt from a pit and you have to go all around Florence County. It takes time but we’re trying just as hard as we can,” said Baxley.

Florence County Public Works crews repaired four roads in the county on Thursday but they say it will take several weeks before they finish all that needs to be done.

“We’re used to inch rains, two inch rains, three inch rains stuff like that but this is nothing we’re used to. I mean, that kind of rain like that, it don’t build up and blow everything out but when you’re talking about thirteen inches of rain in like what two or three days, it just don’t got nowhere to go,” said Baxley.

SCDOT crews were also out making repairs today.

There are eleven state-maintained roads that need to be repaired because of washouts in Florence County alone.

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