Johnsonville flood victims left with emotional clean-up

JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Nearly a week after severe flooding hit the Johnsonville area, those who live on First Neck Road are working to rebuild.

72 year-old Burnette Collins’ home has been surrounded by water nearly a week now.

Collins’ says he’s doing everything he can to keep the house his mother and father built 62 years ago from falling in.

“Moving freezers and old ruined food and stuff out of the house, and I got fans in here blowing through the cabinets to start drying stuff out,” said Collins.

Floodwaters more than a foot deep still sit on the foundation of homes along Fist Neck Road.

As of Saturday, the damage from the storm is still being assessed and many residents have not come back to their homes.

“I can’t go to mine right now because I just can’t take it…..can’t do it,” said First Neck Road resident Mary Ard.

Homeowners along First Neck Road have lost a lot of their belongings in the flood. Saturday. Some residents began cleaning little by little because the water is not gone yet.

Mayo Gaskins home is likely a total loss. He says the water inside his home was knee deep and the entire side of his home was ripped away in rushing waters.

“Anytime you have water in your house, you have to change things you know. It leaves a bad odor, ya know,” mentioned Gaskins.

Even though many homes are still barricaded with water the devastation has brought this Johnsonville community even closer.

“Nobody down here lost a life so that’s something to be happy over. I’ll just dry it all out, rebuild it, start again. It’ll be a slow process, but we’ll do it. Help our friends and neighbors, we’ll do it,” Collins said with a smile on his face.

Johnsonville First Baptist Church Pastor Chad Hastings tells News 13 people can help residents along First Neck Road by donating essentials like bug spray because mosquitoes have become the biggest problem as residents continue to clean out their homes.

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