Steady stream of evacuees as flood waters rise in Georgetown County

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Emergency responders from around the country are in Georgetown County, keeping an eye on flooding conditions and moving people who live there across the flood waters.

Flooded roads and bridges have made it impossible for people to get back to and from their homes, so the National Guard is using military vehicles to ferry people out of flooded areas.

Emergency crews have been working nonstop, many for shifts that start at 7am and end at 2am; evacuating people from their homes in the face of rising waters.

Historic flooding worsened into the weekend, the bridge on Fuzzy Drive was passable Friday but by Saturday only LMTV type military vehicles had a chance to get by.

“Its unbelievable, you just never think you’re going to be put in a situation like this,” said evacuee, Sandra Basey.

Georgetown’s mobile emergency command center was a depot for people coming and going; a steady stream of emergency workers, those being evacuated,as well as evacuees waiting for the chance to go back in.

“Some people need medication, and other things such as that,” said Basey. She and her family came back for basic necessities left behind.

“They’re going to allow us to go in, enough time to get some things and come back out.”

“I’ve seen it on tv but I never thought I’d see it in this area right here,” said Quinlet Robinson-Greene. She also had to rely on emergency workers to get home and gather supplies, “I’m on insulin, and I’m pregnant, so trying to get some stuff that I needed.”

After a five minute stop at each home, it was back to the emergency command center, where workers were ready to take the next group of passengers to safety or back to get items needed to get by.

Flood waters are expected to continue to stay high for the next week and keep places like Fuzzy Drive impassable for the time being.

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