Horry County Board chooses company to build $150 million project

Monday, the Horry County Board of Education selected the company that will build its about $150 million dollar new school building project.

“Hopefully we will be moving dirt in the next couple of months,” said Robbie Ferris.

Ferris is the CEO of First Floor Architects; the company awarded the $150 million dollar school building project.

Ferris spoke to the board of education a year ago about green energy schools

A few weeks after his presentation, the board canceled its original building plans in pursuit of green energy.

News 13 asked Ferris if he felt that had a part in the board’s decision.

“I think that it’s our experience that sets us apart, and the board heard what we had to say a year ago and they decided to move forward with energy positive schools at that point,” said Ferris.

“We were looking for a company at this point. We knew what kind of schools we wanted to build we were just looking for a company,” said Board Chairman Joe Defeo.

For months, a committee made up of board members and district employees looked over the qualifications of the architects who applied to build the new schools.

Monday, the committee made their final decision at a 4 p.m. meeting.

A few hours later the board adopted the committee’s suggestion at its 6 p.m. meeting.

News 13 asked Defeo if he felt the board acted quickly or considered taking more time to make a $150 million dollar decision.

Defeo: “It kind of gives it a transparent look; rather than just a school board looking at the whole thing.”

News 13: “So is that what I’m hearing you say is that the selection committee just gave it the “ok” and just put their faith.”

Defeo: “I would say yes that’s true, but if they made a decision we didn’t like then we would have rejected it.”

The two other companies up for the bid were Thompson Turner and MB Kahn.

They will be selected if first floor declines the districts offer.

However, Ferris says he is excited for the opportunity and believes the new schools, which will all be built at the same time, will be completed by 2017.


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