North Myrtle Beach group successfully reunites flood-affected pets with owners

The humane society offers tips to preparing pets for natural disasters.

During October’s historic flooding in South Carolina, many pets were displaced or separated from their owners.

Tina Hunter, who works with the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, said her shelter received four animals because of flooding. She said she was able to locate and connect them with their families.

Hunter says one of the best ways to relocate your pet if it is missing, is to identify its microchip. This is something the pet’s owner should do upon an initial veterinarian examination. She says all veterinarians and shelter workers are required to check for a microchip when they encounter a stray animal.

She also says many animals are reconnected with their owners if the animal is wearing a collar with the owner’s contact information.

Hunter also advises pet owners to prepare disaster kits for their bets. The kit should include 1-2 weeks worth of food and water, a leash and carrier for each animal, and all current vaccine documentation.

Hunter says pet owners should keep a recent, color picture of their pet with them. This can help identify an animal if it is lost.


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