City says ‘bye-bye Bunny Ranch’ at building demolition

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The US 501 site demolition of the former Bunny Ranch building began Wednesday morning, and city officials have released details as to what they plan to do with the newly cleared land.

The demolition event began at 9 a.m. Wednesday, at the intersection of US 501 and Third Avenue South.

The “count-down to demo” with city officials was a long time coming for many in the area as the dilapidated building has been an eye sore for many years.

“We believe this will be the first of hopefully much more investment into improving the public right of way and the image a you come into Myrtle Beach. This is the most heavily traveled road into Myrtle Beach by visitors. Over 75,000 average cars per day travel 501,” Council Member Wayne Gray said.

The city recently acquired the property in a land trade and then annexed it into the city limits. Previously, that highly visible corner was outside the city limits in one of the many unincorporated enclaves, or “doughnut holes,” so it was not subject to city zoning or property maintenance codes.

City officials announced at the demolition that the lot should be completely cleared by Friday. Future plans could include making the area a park and have another “Welcome to Myrtle Beach” sign where visitors and locals can take photos.

One business owner across the street from the former strip club says it is “a blessing” to see the building come down.

“There were fights and bad behaviors. Now it’s going to be a clean area in this section. So it’s better for business, so instead of people getting scared to be here, they’re gonna be safe,” Salvador Gutierrez said.

Several people rode by and cheered as the demolition happened and some residents who live in the area came to see the building come down.

“Well I know for the younger crowd they could probably care less but for the older people I know they don’t like to see stuff like that anywhere down here. But for me personally, I’m glad that it’s gone because you know I can come down here and not see the bunny ranch anymore,” Roxanne Jefferson said.

Above all everyone in the community including city leaders want to bring the community together as they work to revitalize that area.

“It’s going to better, even for the people that visit Myrtle Beach for the community and the visitors, it’s going to be a better impact for the business and the whole area here in Myrtle Beach,” Guiterrez said.

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