NC high school student threatened to ‘fill bodies with bullets’

Kenneth Tyler Halker

APEX, N.C. – A Panther Creek student who was suspended from school and arrested Oct. 8 after assaulting another student threatened to come back to school with guns to “fill bodies with bullets,” recently released warrants showed.
Kenneth Halker, 17, of Lawson Lane in Apex, was suspended from Panther Creek High School on Oct. 5 for assault a female student in the cafeteria.

On Oct. 6, warrants showed that Halker texted a male student with the message “You’re number 5 on my list.”

Warrants show Halker also sent the same student various messages about “filling his body with bullets.” He also posted to Twitter that he was going to come back to Panther Creek with “45 and fill bodies with bullets.” He also mentioned he had a hit list.

Halker also posted an image on Snapchat with two AR-15 assault rifles surrounded with “multiple piles of ammunitions containing pistol, rifle and shotgun rounds.”

Under the image, Halker posted, “HAHAHA did ya’ll think this was a game? Plz take a step.”

With assistance from the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, Halker was arrested at his home in Apex.

Authorities interviewed Halker’s parents. According to the warrants, Benjamin Halker, Kenneth’s father, said he kept firearms in the house, but kept them locked in a safe. Benjamin Halker told authorities he didn’t believe his son knew the passcode or was able to access his firearms.

Authorities seized the 17-year-old’s phone. Authorities asked Kenneth Halker about his social media posts and he said he was jumped by five males. Those five males were on Halker’s hit list, warrants showed.

Halker said he had been depressed and “felt like it was him against the world.”

A spokeswoman for Wake County Schools would not comment on the length of Halker’s suspension.

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