SC State Fair opening without delay in Columbia

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Despite the flood disaster in Columbia, the annual SC State Fair begins on the original opening day, Wednesday October 14th.

Assistant General Manager of the State Fair, Nancy Smith, said although it has been harder than in years past, the State Fair made adjustments to ensure a smooth opening day.

Smith said the unsafe Columbia drinking water is the hardest part of preparing for the SC State Fair, but gallon jugs and bottles of fresh water are ready for dish washing and drinking. She said they have planned to have enough for employees, and for customers to purchase.

Smith said the SC tradition will not be stopped by having to make adjustments.

“Folks across South Carolina have been through some rough times lately, we do what we do best at the fair, we just adjust and move on,” Smith said. “It can be a little bright spot in the few days that we’ve had that have not been so bright.”

The SC State Fair opens Wednesday, October 14th at noon, and ends on October 25th. For more information on tickets, visit

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