Warning: Buying Rx drugs online can be costly to your health

The Federal government is warning that the vast majority of internet pharmacies are fraudulent, and you need to be careful.

The Food and Drug Administration found a large majority of online pharmacies are selling counterfeit drugs, and it has launched this BeSafeRx site to help people understand the dangers.

Smith’s Drugs Pharmacist Bruce McCoy warns rogue pharmacies could cost you your health in the longrun.

“It’s very dangerous. You may get too much of an active ingredient, you may not get enough, or any,” said McCoy.

To verify if one in the US is real, check to make sure it requires a doctor’s prescription and has an on-call pharmacist.

Just because you’re not stepping foot in a store, doesn’t mean the website shouldn’t have a physical address. And that’s your key. Just go to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and check to see if it’s licensed in that state.

You can also try pharmacy checkers like safemedsonline and legitscript that work with the government.

Outside the US, the FDA says there is no safe way to verify if a pharmacy is legitimate.

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